Hi Friends.  I’ve had several requests from Avenging Angel fans to talk a bit about myself.  Personally, I find stories much more interesting than the authors, but since you’ve asked… I’m a receptionist, but in recent years, I’ve been doing a little part-time substantive editing for ebook publishers, which I really enjoy and doesn’t feel like work.  I live in Broome, Western Australia, and here are some photos I took last week from my part of the world.  

To answer one of the commonest questions I am asked - no I’m nothing like the people I write about, and in reality my life is pretty quiet (which is the way I like it).  

I’ve been writing fiction for fun since I was 14 years old.  

My main inspiration comes from TV shows (as you can probably tell).  My writing, on the whole, is crappy and unedited, but I get carried away with the story, so you’re probably annoyed with all my split infinitives and other literary crimes.  However, in my defence, I do put out episodes reasonably regularly, and I intend to finish this comic before I’m old (and if, for some reason, I don’t finish it, you will not be left without an ending because the whole novel is available online).

Here are my two fur babies - Sharnie and Lex, and I often come up with my best new ideas when I’m walking these energetic critters along the beach.  One of my hobbies is gardening (only edible plants allowed though).  The other hobbies, which take up most of my time, are writing and computer graphic art.

I’ve been playing with computer art and 3D for many years - I think, since 1999, initially with Adobe Creative Cloud, Poser, Comic Life and lately also with Daz Studio.   It’s a versatile hobby, and I really enjoy seeing my ideas come to life in the graphic novel/comic styles I use.  The software has considerably improved in this time, and I feel I’m getting closer to the look I want to achieve.  I’ve introduced several members of my family and friends to 3D picture making as well, and they all tell me it’s my fault they spend so much time on their computers and so much money on purchasing 3D assets, although my mum still thinks the whole thing is pointless.  My Queensland cousin, who wishes to remain anonymous, refers to our hobby as a drug because I “got her hooked”, thus using up the little free time she has.  She entered the wonderful (and addictive) world of  3D about 10 years ago, and uses her art skills to make illustrations for her medical teaching projects, and also for the creation of illustrated children’s books.  I won’t say too much more because she asked me not to, but she’s the one who taught me that, counter to everything I’ve ever seen on television, you really don’t have to dig the bullet out, and that digging the bullet out can make your wounded hero very much worse.  Who knew,  hey?  Certainly not the Hollywood crowd!  Anyway, if you’re ever in need of some genuine medical advice for your novel, my little cuz is a truly amazing resource.   Just contact me and I’ll put you in touch, and maybe she can spoil your good story with the facts, as she’s done to several of mine.  

I introduced my brother Davo to 3D art last year, and he’s already produced some way cool renders.  I’m sure if I keep pestering him he’ll allow me to display some of them here one day (not the naughty ones, of course).

My parents are elderly.  Dad’s a retired construction worker, who still does some consulting for the industry.  My mum is also semiretired, and works in a pet shop one day a week.  Both my parents are conscientious and modest.  

When my brothers and I were growing up, there were no flashy cars or big, expensive vacations, but we had a lot of fun.  My best childhood memories are the dreamy camping holidays every summer; my brothers catching fish, making new friends, cycling all over the campsite with the other kids, and the long drives to get to our campsites and back home again.  Of course, growing up in this environment, there was always plenty of time for a little girl living in a fantasy world to think about stories.

I hope I answered some of your questions, but please keep the comments and emails coming, as I find the interest in my comic very motivating.  And, of course, if you want to learn how to make similar pictures to those used in my comic for your next graphic novel, I will be more than happy to give you some pointers. 

Well, it is another stunning Broome morning, and my cute little fur babies are jumping around my legs, begging me to take them to the beach, and I also have a pile of editing to get through today, so I’ll sign off for now and say goodbye.

The artwork on this website and Avenging Angel story are the copyright property of Esther Carney.